if you're looking for unscripted moments,

capturing true emotion, with a mix

of beautifully executed yet effortless shots,

then, definitely, let's be friends!


although originally from oregon, I’ve settled in utah with my wife and three amazing kids. my wife describes me as “annoyingly happy all the time," but I’m sure it’s meant to be a compliment. i love to be as out of the box on things as possible, and videography gives me that ability - are you having a halloween wedding and want a horror film wedding movie? No problem! Are you having a strict black tie event? I’ll go get my tux adjusted! basically, I like to think of my services as “custom videography”, because why be locked into just one style right???


I became a videographer because I fell in love with peoples raw emotions. Knowing that I can capture a true, unscripted moment and then deliver that memory as perfect as when it happened, is just an amazing feeling. If you made it through this whole paragraph, you have passed the test, and we can now be friends!



we love editorial style shoots

as well! check out some of the

places our work can be seen.

more features available as they

are released this year!


01. a wedding client :

holden was by far the easiest part of wedding planning. he is a perfect mix of professional and personable. he's a great listener with a great eye and went above and beyond his role of vidographer! would recommend him a million times over.

holden immediately made me feel comfortable, both working with him and also in front of his camera. he has amazing ideas, vision, and intuition for emotion, movement, color, and storytelling. i am always blown away with his work!! any bride would be lucky to have him as her videographer.

02. a lifestyle client:

holden is so much more than just a videographer! his eye for details and in depth knowledge of how weddings and set shooting actually work, elevates him above others I've worked with in the past. he is personable, peppy, and brings great energy to the table! he's good to help diffuse situations, and is a strong enough presence to be loved and get the job done, while not taking away anything from any event he attends. he's all about positive real emotion that he works hard to capture, and is shown in tear inducing lovely finished product. holden is real to work with and I highly recommend him- especially to anyone that values the experience of their wedding as well as the end result.

03. a wedding planner:

04. a creative producer:

holden has an incredible eye for content. as a producer it is so easy to discuss the concept of the shoot and communicate with him to get the footage needed for a stellar video. holden works well with photographers, models, and vendors. he is knowledgeable about the industry he is part of and works to create a beautiful, smooth film every time. holden is someone i would highly recommend for your event or wedding videographer.